At Selzer Software Consulting we work closely with our clients to ensure they get the best possible solutions at the lowest possible cost.  We work extra hard to minimize the impact of project implementation on our clients' operations.  Our diverse and extensive expertise makes this possible.

We are expert in Microsoft .NET Enterprise servers, including SQL Server, Exchange Server, and Host Integration Server.  (Microsoft MCSE+I and Microsoft MCDBA on staff.)

We are expert in diverse operating platforms, including Windows 2000, Windows NT, NetWare, and several brands of Unix.  (Novell Master CNE, Microsoft MCSE and SCO ACE on staff.)

We have extensive expertise in programming as well.

We provide our clients the best service in Requirements Analysis, Project Management, System Design, Development and Deployment, and ongoing Technical Support.

We have 19 years of industry experience, including Shop-Floor Data Collection and Production Reporting (both wired and RF), Integrating Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Retail Point-of-Sale Systems with off-the-shelf Accounting Systems, Implementing Document Management Systems for Health Care Providers, and many, many more.

For more information email us at, or call us at (330) 733-9540 8:00am--5:00pm EST.